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Free 5-Day Email Course5 Mistakes Keeping Managers From Cultivating Trust In Their Teams, Achieving Consistent And Sustainable Results For Their Company And Getting Promoted To Executive Positions - And How To Fix Them.

Created By Leadership Development, Cultural Transformation & Behavior Change Expert
Márcio Marcos

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DAY 1: Mistake #1: You don’t start by reflecting on who you are and how you operate as a leader (and how to ensure this doesn't hold you back).DAY 2: Mistake #2: You don’t ask questions to those around you and as a result you speak more than you listen (and how this will cause distrust amongst your team - the last thing you want as a leader!).DAY 3: Mistake #3: You don’t create a space and opportunity for your team to offer you feedback (your team loses faith in you and they look elsewhere for guidance and role models).DAY 4: Mistake #4: You don’t hold your team accountable to the new behaviours you wish to see.DAY 5: Mistake #5: You don’t understand how to measure success, so you cannot achieve consistent and sustainable results for yourself, your team and the company.

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